lindstøl skip

Shipbuilding since 1870


Lindstøl Skip offers designs for catamarans and monhulls in the range from 15 to 60 meters LOA. The designs are based on continuously development of proven designs. New vessels are designed in close co-operation with the customers, CFD experts, ship model test tanks and industrial designers. Lindstøl Skip outlines technical specifications, operating manuals, building techniques, classification society and statutory follow up and HAT/SAT procedures.


Today, the company offers designs, engineering and technical specifications for catamarans and monohulls, as well as assistance to shipyards and ship owners for project management, building survey and training of shipbuilders and ship crews.

Project management

Lindstøl Skip is engaged in project management for the planning, engineering and building of ships and marine structures.

  • Planning
  • HSEQ
  • Shipyard audit
  • Building survey and follow up on site
  • Commissioning
  • HAT and SAT
  • Training of ship builders/crew/engineers

Range of deliveries

Lindstøl Skip offers designs for catamarans and monohulls in the range of 15 - 60 meters.

  • Technical specifications and calculations
  • Classification society and Statutory co-operation
  • Contracting. Co-ordination of CFD analysis and model tank testing of designs
  • Operating manuals
  • Training of crew and maintenance personel
  • SAR training program
  • Project management,- engineering and on site
  • Shipyard audit and training of ship builders

Recent projects

Passenger catamarans for municipality of Izmir

Design of catamarans for the Municipality of Izmir

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Project management for the building of diving and service vessel.

Project management for the building of diving and service vessel.

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Project management for the building of Pilot vessel

Project management for the building of Pilot vessel

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13 SAR vessels for maraitime partner.

Project management and engineering assistance for SAR vessels

15 passenger catamarans for Turkey

Design, engineering, technical specifications and classification

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Designing offshore service catamarans

Design, engineering and project management

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The company was founded by Erik K. Lindstøl in 1870.
Hundreds of ships and boats have been designed and built by Lindstøl Skip through four generations of dedicated ship builders. A long range of vessels like Tall ships, schooners, Arctic and Antarctic Expedition ships, Search and Rescue vessels (SAR), Pilot boats, Passenger, Cargo, Fishing, Marine Research and Navy vessels. High Speed Catamarans and Monohulls is also part of the line of products. Innovation has always been the main focus for the Lindstøl shipbuilders. The development encompasses sailing wooden ships via steel ships to high speed vessels in aluminium and carbon fibre materials. Marine structures in aluminium designed for the offshore oil industry have been delivered throughout the years.